The Harvest Gift Box

The Harvest Gift Box is made to impress and comes fully loaded with so many options, your gifts will shine in front of your boss and your boss’s boss. We’ve combined such Holiday Harvest hits as Dried Cranberries, Raw California Almonds, Dried Mango, Raw Mixed Nuts, and Pumpkin seeds, and any receiver will know the high level of sophistication of the giver who took the time to pick out such high-quality, healthy organic treats as these. This is the kind of basket that is opened and shared, spreading the joy from person to person.

Harvest gift box includes:

8 oz. Tierra Raw Mix
8 oz. Raw California Almond
8 oz. Dried Cranberries
8 oz. Raw Pumpkin Seeds
8 oz. Dried Mango
8 oz. Raw Mixed Nuts

Contents may be substituted for another item of equal value if any product is unavailable at the time of purchasing.

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